The Top 7 Drain Cleaning Tips for This Fall

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Drain cleaning should on your to-do list this fall if you want to enjoy life in your home without the disruption of drain clogs. You need to make sure important plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers are clog-free and ready to go for the season ahead. After all, without the ability to use essential everyday fixtures to their fullest extent, it will be downright impossible to live in your home at all this season. Your first thought at this time of year may be trying to stay warm, but allowing even just a minor clog go untreated will result in something much worse. You may experience higher costs on plumbing bills, lower levels of in-home sanitation, and even lower property resale value due to a lack of working fixtures. If you want to avoid these troubles this fall, you need to take a proactive approach to fixing drain clogs, either with your own efforts or through the help of a professional drain cleaning service company.

How Can Grizzly Mechanical Help You?

You may not have the tools and experience of a licensed plumber, but all you need to do is make a quick call to Grizzly Mechanical for service. We have a team of drain cleaning experts ready to provide you with the right cleaning solutions to rid those clogs once and for all.  Sometimes all it takes is one quick fix to solve those drain problems once and for all. Drain cleaning is especially important in large households across Calgary equipped with more fixtures and populated with more occupants.  These houses will face a much higher risk of experiencing clogs, making regular drain maintenance a must. Fortunately, our team can meet a wide range of plumbing needs. Thanks to our service, we can help reduce spending on your utility bills, lower the risk of unsanitary consequences like overflowing toilets, and improve fixture performance. Even if you think your plumbing system will be free of clogs this season, it is nonetheless important to call for an annual plumbing inspection so we can ensure your home is indeed 100% clog-free.

7 Easy Drain Cleaning Tips

The next time you want to help take care of drains, please follow any of these helpful tips to eliminate drain clogs as soon as possible:

  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar: A mixture of baking soda and vinegar creates a fizzy, eruptive effect just perfect for eliminating most drain clogs. One cup of vinegar and a ½ cup of baking soda mixed together will push out any materials clogging up your drains. Sometimes the most effective drain cleaning solutions can be found with items in your kitchen.
  2. Use a Plunger: A plunger is a must-have for any household. When you experience a clog in your sink or toilet, a plunger will be able to bail you out of a potentially messy situation. All you need to do is fill the bowl or sink with enough water, cup the plunger over the drain and plunge repeatedly until the water levels go down. This will mean the plunger has done its job effectively in removing clogs.
  3. Use a Drain Snake: A drain snake is perfect for the areas of your drains that a plunger will not be able to reach. Since the tool is appropriately snake-like in form, you will able to slide it in the smaller areas of your drainage pipe and scoop out any materials. Please remember to use drain snakes carefully as they can puncture a hole in the side of old drainage pipes or even cause drain pipes to fall apart.
  4. Bent Wire Hangers: That wire coat hanger you’re not using will prove the perfect tool for drain cleaning. It will work in a similar fashion to drain snakes, scooping out any harder-to-reach materials. However, do be careful when applying it to avoid scratching or damaging any old pipes.
  5. Pour Dish Detergent Down the Toilet: You need to avoid toilet overflows at all costs or else it can result in some seriously unsanitary consequences. If you pour a ½ cup of detergent down the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes, it will work as a lubricant to loosen up any sources of blockage. After 30 minutes, you can add hot water to the mix, sending the clog up and out of the drain quickly. 
  6. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: Avoid using chemical drain cleaners at all costs, as an over-reliance on them may result in damage to the drainage pipes. It may even leave you seeking pipe repair and having to spend even more money. , leaving you in a position where you need to seek pipe repair. In addition, they are also hazardous, especially if they are exposed to your skin or eyes.
  7. Call Grizzly Mechanical for Annual Drain Maintenance: You should always make it a point each year to call Grizzly Mechanical to have your drains inspected. One of our licensed plumbers will inspect drains carefully and use their knowledge on plumbing systems to the best of their abilities to ensure even the smallest clogs are eliminated. By allowing us to visit your home, you are more likely to remain clog-free for the next year.

Don’t Drown In Worry – Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Service Today

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