Local Plumber Provides 6 Tips for the Holiday Season

Local Plumber Dressed as Santa Prepares for the Holidays

A local plumber may not be the first person you would consider calling at this time of year, but they will be able to make sure your holidays are unperturbed. As we draw closer and closer to the holiday season, your mind is probably fixed on gift-giving, great food, and spending quality time with your friends and family. However, this doesn’t mean plumbing problems will stop. There is still plenty of room for issues like drain clogs and pipe leaks, and they will happen when you least expect them. The worst thing that could happen this season is if these problems occur right before you have guests over the house. Imagine trying to entertain them without a working toilet or sink—that may turn out to be a harsh reality if you do not take any steps toward taking care of your plumbing system. When drain clogs and pipe leaks persist, they will only cost you more on utility bills. Pipe leaks in particular will see you potentially lose gallons of water the longer they go unrepaired. The cost of bills can greatly interfere with your holiday budget, especially when you are trying to save up for gift shopping. Before plumbing problems put a damper on your festive mood, you should instead take action in getting them fixed before the holidays are truly underway.

Why You Should Call Grizzly Mechanical

Grizzly Mechanical is here to provide you with high-quality plumbing service to ensure this holiday season is one of your happiest to date. Our team of plumbing contractors are ready to provide you with service that guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Your local plumber offers a wide range of services including drain cleaning, sewer repair, toilet repair, and so much more. Our contractors work quickly so they will be in and out of your house right before the holiday festivities get underway. Thanks to our help, you will experience greater convenience around the house due to improved, more efficient performance from your most essential plumbing fixtures like toilets and sinks. You will also enjoy reduced spending on utility bills and be able to gear your savings toward buying your family the presents they want the most. But perhaps most importantly, our work guarantees you will be able to spend quality with your family without worrying when your next plumbing emergency will break out. A more relaxing holiday season starts with just one quick phone call to Grizzly Mechanical!

How Can You Prepare for the Holidays?

While you may not be a licensed, fully-trained professional, here are some tips you can employ in your home to make sure your plumbing system is ready to go for any festivities:

  1. Avoid Throwing Cooking Oil Down the Drain: Holiday time is known for good food, and you may be using a lot of cooking oil for meals this year. However, avoid throwing any excess oil down the drain. The oil will actually harden and stick to the walls of drainage pipes, making it nearly impossible to remove. You should instead discard the oil in the regular garbage to avoid a major blockage.
  2. Be Prepared: If you do indeed plan on having guests over the house this holiday season, you should prep your bathroom. Make sure there is a plunger available for any minor-last minute clog so they can be eliminated as soon as possible. Also make sure there is a trash can next to the toilet so the occupant will have an alternate method of disposal for any material that doesn’t belong down the toilet.
  3. Only Flush the Right Things: And speaking of flushing things down the toilet, you should only flush toilet paper and human waste. That’s it. No hair, baby wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, or even paper towels. Anything else could make for an easy clog or, worse, an overflow.
  4. Use Hot Water: If you are experiencing a blockage in your drains, one of the easiest ways to solve the situation is by running extremely hot water down the drain on a regular basis. The hot water will work as a lubricant and loosen up any substance threatening to stick to your drains, making it easier to remove.
  5. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Products: Sure, those chemical drain cleaning products may seem easy to use, but they will eventually do more harm than good. The chemical makeup of these solutions will damage the drainage pipe, and leave you seeking pipe repair. While they may prove effective, it’s best to stay away from them altogether.
  6. Call Grizzly for Maintenance: You should develop a regular maintenance schedule so your plumbing system continues to work at a high level throughout the year. If you have yet to call Grizzly for plumbing maintenance this year, do it now to ensure your holidays aren’t ruined by plumbing issues. We will closely inspect your plumbing system down to the last detail to ensure even the smallest issues are repaired.

Ensure Your Holly, Jolly Holiday Spirit This Year by Contacting Your Local Plumber at Grizzly Mechanical for a Plumbing Tuneup!

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