7 Signs You Need Pipe Repair Services Right Now

Leaking pipes should have a pipe repair service performed on them

Pipe repair is absolutely necessary if you are currently experiencing any leaks or extensive physical damage with your home’s piping. Allowing even just one leak to persist in your home can be costly. You may lose several gallons of water that could be used for all sorts of purposes and wind up paying more on water bills than necessary. In addition, if your pipes are 30 to 40 years old, you may be more at risk to experience pipe problems and spend more money on repairs. When you see problems forming in your pipes, you need to call for plumbing services as soon as possible. However, the real challenge for many homeowners out there is learning how to identify problems in the first place. Since pipes are located in hard-to-see areas of the home like in between walls and under floors, it may initially seem like identifying the signs of a problem will be impossible. This often means pipe problems will linger without the homeowner even being aware of a problem, making leaks and other damage grow even worse. But identifying the warning signs of damaged pipes is more possible than you may imagine, and sometimes all it can take is a closer look around the house.

How Can Grizzly Mechanical Help You?

Fortunately, Grizzly Mechanical will be here to help you during your time of need this fall by providing high-quality pipe repair. Our team of licensed, fully-trained plumbers will provide quick yet durable repairs so you can enjoy life in your home this season without the additional hassle of plumbing problems. We will make sure you have piping in your home that is ready to meet your plumbing needs and ensure you will not have to make another call for repair again. Thanks to our plumbers, you will be able to keep spending on utility bills down to a low and get greater performance out of your most essential plumbing fixtures. But you need to call as soon as possible. If you expect to achieve a better peace of mind, making the call our way for repairs will ensure you will not have to experience

7 Signs You Should Call for Pipe Repair

If you want to know how to identify pipe problems in your home, we recommend you be on the lookout for any of these signs:

  1. Low Water Pressure: So you’re trying to enjoy a nice, warm shower, only to discover that the water pressure from the shower head is virtually non-existent—what went wrong? This is a sign of low water pressure, and therefore a sign that your pipes may be failing. Before this problem completely disrupts how you function in your home, you need to call for pipe repair immediately before your pipes completely fail on you.
  2. Multiple Pipe Leaks: You may think one pipe leak may be manageable, but it is means for emergency plumbing repair when pipes are leaking all at once. As we mentioned earlier, this can cost you gallons upon gallons of water and eventually lead to significant money loss on bills. If you want to avoid this situation from getting out of control, call for repair immediately.
  3. Corroded Pipes: Though pipes are mostly located underground and in between walls, you can still see signs of corrosion on any outdoor or basement piping. If this corrosion appears significant enough, the pipes may look ready to break apart at any moment, so you should call for repair as soon as possible.
  4. Unexplained Cracks and Holes: In addition to corrosion, you can also look at these pipes for any visible holes or cracks. This can also mean bad news for any piping inside your home, so it’s best to call for repair the damage has any chance to worsen.
  5. Contaminated Waters: Murky water in your tap water will usually go away after a few seconds, but it is definitely concerning if it goes on for any longer than that, This is a sign of a serious problem with your piping. You need to call a plumber at Grizzly Mechanical right away before the well-being of your family is put at risk.
  6. You Have Outdated Pipes: Newer piping material will lower the chance of leaky pipes, and you may want to call for repair if your pipes are made from outdated materials. Materials like clay, cast-iron, and polybutylene are unable to meet modern plumbing demands. Polybutylene has been famously proven faulty due to a wave of lawsuits in the 1980s. Call for repair, or even pipe replacement, if this applies to your home.
  7. You Have an Older Home: Faulty pipes are much more common in homes built before 1960s, as they are more likely to be built with any of the outdated materials we mentioned previously. Though there is certainly an appeal to living in an older home, you may have to pay more on pipe repair. Calling us for plumbing services will go a long way in ensuring your home has secure, reliable piping.

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