Our Plumbing Contractor Reveals How You Can Save Money on Drain Repair

Plumbing contractor with tools used for drain maintenance

A plumbing contractor should be the first person you contact this season if you are currently struggling to maintain your drains. While there is understandably a strong focus on staying warm around this time of year (especially with temperatures on their way down), a drain clog can be just as much of a detriment to your winter as a broken furnace. It may cut off access to your most essential plumbing fixtures like toilets and showers. Making matters more difficult is if you live with a growing family with increasing plumbing needs, making plumbing repairs all the more urgent to keep all members of your household satisfied. Even if you live alone, you still face the most daunting trouble of them all: costs of utility bills, especially on water. Water doesn’t exactly come cheap and since heavy clogs can give way to leaks, you may be wasting gallons upon gallons of water in your home. All of these problems can snowball into a huge amount of stress this winter, but there is a way you can avoid them entirely. Drain problems will usually have something to do with the homeowner’s own lack of knowledge on drain maintenance. Don’t be one of them, and instead take advice from a contractor who will let you know what needs to be done save yourself stress, water, and most importantly, the most essential plumbing fixtures in your home.

Why Should You Make a Call to Grizzly Mechanical?

You can take comfort this winter in knowing that a licensed plumbing contractor from Grizzly Mechanical will be happy to provide assistance. They can provide you with effective solutions that will quickly put an end to all of your plumbing problems. Even better, we can provide you with a greater understanding on the inner workings of your plumbing system so you will be more likely in the future to avoid mistakes with both your drains and your entire plumbing system as a whole. We are also available to install new plumbing fixtures if your current ones are proving too troublesome to have in your household anymore. In fact, homeowners who take up the offer in upgrading to water-efficient, clog-resistant fixtures will save 30% more on bills compared to those who allow older fixtures to continue to leak and cost them money. Overall, a call our way isn’t just to fix drain problems, but also to ensure a more efficient plumbing system in general.

Our Plumbing Contractor Reveals Money Saving Plumbing Tips

So maybe you’re not a licensed plumber with all the tools and experience necessary to get the job done, but you can still follow these helpful tips to save money on drain repair:

  • Upgrade Plumbing Fixtures: The fixtures you rely on every day, particularly the ones in your bathroom, already take up so much of your home’s daily water usage. A clog in toilets, sinks, or shower drains can only heighten the chances you spending more on water bills, especially if clogging proves severe enough. You should instead upgrade to new bathroom fixtures, which will both reduce the risk of clogging and cut down the costs of water bills down significantly.
  • Learn to Plunge Properly: As we mentioned earlier this month, nobody wants to experience clogged toilet drains, and you need a plunger that will bail you out of any emergency situation.  However, again, you need to know how to do it properly. Before you insert the plunger into the toilet bowl, make sure there is enough water in the bowl for the plunger to gain suction. Proceed to plunge vigorously until the water levels go down
  • Set Up an Alternate Method of Disposal: We also discussed earlier this month setting up an alternate method of disposal in your bathroom for any materials that should not be discarded down the toilet drain. The same applies for any other drains in your household. If you have a garbage disposal, it will be able to chop up materials before they go down the drain. However, even then, there are some materials you should discard in the regular garbage, like cooking oil or chicken bones.
  • Avoid Chemical Solutions: Some homeowners think chemical cleaning solutions will be able to provide an easy solution to a drain clog. That may be true, but it may also bring them plenty of long-term damage to their drains. Components in liquid chemical solutions can eat away at drainage walls and leave spending more on plumbing repair in the long run, even if clogs are eliminated.
  • Always Know When to Call Grizzly: If your plumbing problems are proving too severe, you should know to call Grizzly Mechanical immediately. While it’s certainly important for you to do a little plumbing maintenance on your own time, nothing can compare to the technical expertise of professional service. We can offer a wide range of cleaning services, from water jetting to video pipe inspection.

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