Plumbing Maintenance For This Fall

Plumbing Fittings For Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance will ensure you continue to live comfortably throughout the fall and winter. The cold weather here in Calgary can be ruthless, and the last thing you want to experience during it is a sudden drain clog or pipe leak. Refusing any maintenance work on your plumbing system may prove a costly mistake. You can risk encountering lower efficiency, shortened fixture lifespan, and even increased spending on utility bills. It’s not just something you can put off until a later date. It needs to be done now, before the coldest weather arrives.

The Benefits Of Calling Grizzly Mechanical

Grizzly Mechanical will help you ease into the fall and winter seamlessly with plumbing maintenance that will fix every last issue in your home. Our service aims to cover a wide range of plumbing needs so all homeowners across Calgary are kept comfortable. If you are seeking improved fixture efficiency, our plumbers can ensure toilets, sinks, and showers will work effectively and efficiently so you can cut down costs on those utility bills. If you are seeking a longer plumbing system lifespan, a simple maintenance check on our end can go a long way in ensuring you have working fixtures for years. Above all else, when you are looking to ensure your family’s comfort this upcoming season, we will provide service that will make your home leak and clog free before the coldest weather of the year arrives.

7 Helpful Plumbing Maintenance Tips

In addition to work from Grizzly Mechanical, you also conduct a little plumbing maintenance of your own. If you are beginning to feel uneasy about your plumbing system’s chances of going through the fall and winter issue-free, it is time for you to take action and change your fortunes for the better. A home plumbing inspection right before the fall settles in is a wise move, especially if you follow these 7 incredibly helpful plumbing maintenance tips:

  1. Test the Water Heater’s Pressure Relief Valve: Water heater repair is certainly one thing you don’t want to risk this season, so you need to take the steps necessary in ensuring your water heating continues to work properly. You can start by testing the pressure relief valve, which manages water pressure so it does not damage the system. Turn the valve on and off repeatedly to ensure it working up to par.
  2. Check for Water Heater Leaks: If you own a conventional water heater tank, you may be more susceptible to encountering water heater leaks that will cost you gallons of water. Puddles or dampness in area surrounding your water heater are immediate means for concern which will only grow worse if not treated in time. Not only will you be losing water, but your water heater will consume more energy when operating. High energy costs and a lack of hot water is not a good way to spend the fall.
  3. Check for Other Fixture Leaks: Toilet and sinks should be inspected for leaks as well. Leaks in these fixtures may appear in the form of moisture on piping, damp walls, water stains on ceilings, and puddles on floors. Any sudden leaks may require you to call Grizzly Mechanical for an emergency plumbing service, especially if you want to maintain fixture efficiency.
  4. Check for Faucet Leaks: A dripping faucet may seem like the least of your plumbing concerns right now, but it can prove to be one of the most costly if not treated soon enough. In fact, a faucet dripping one drop per second will cost you a staggering 3,000 gallons of water in a single year. The next time you see your faucet starting to drip, call for repair service immediately.
  5. Inspect Fixtures for Drainage: While leaks can prove troublesome for your plumbing system, there is another danger that can be even worse—clogs. If you are noticing toilets and sinks draining much slower than usual, it means a clog is well on its way to forming. While you can certainly use a plunger in this situation, it may be better to call us for a drain cleaning service so we can apply a wide range of methods for removing clogs.
  6. Test Toilet Flushing: Clogs can occur in any of your drains, no matter if it’s in the kitchen or bathroom. However, the one place you absolutely don’t want to risk clogging is your toilet drain. A toilet clog can result in an overflow that can bring all sorts of unsanitary consequences. In addition to plunging and snaking services, problems with your toilet can also be detected through testing its flushing abilities. A flush test can reveal a wide range of issues, including a broken seal in need of replacement. It is also concerning if the toilet runs continuously long after you initially flushed it.
  7. Insulate Pipes: Clogs and leaks may be inconvenient, but the absolute worst plumbing problem you can experience is a frozen or burst pipe. A burst pipe can both cost you water and result in you spending a high amount of money on water damage restoration. The best way to prevent that possibility is adding a layer of foam pipe insulation to your pipes. If you have already done so, adding another layer is a good idea as it is much better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Catch Yourself In A Plumbing Emergency – Have Your Plumbing Maintenance Done Today

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