Sewer Repair Warning Signs To Look Out For

Sewer repair performed by plumber

Sewer repair should be atop your list of responsibilities this fall, if you suspect something is wrong with your sewer line. However, how do you know if something is wrong in the first place? Many homeowners struggle in determining when to call for sewer repair simply because they don’t know the signs alerting them of a problem. This can result in some serious consequences for their plumbing system. The homeowner may experience higher costs on utility bills, frequently clogged plumbing fixtures, and an overall lack of sanitation that may make living in the home downright unfeasible. Failure to identify warning signs often comes from the fact that homeowners will usually take their sewer system for granted. There is a good chance the average homeowner knows what a sewer line does, but so few know its inner workings since it is located underground. However, knowledge is power and if you want to reverse fortunes, you should call a professional who can give insight on what you should notice around the house so you can call for service immediately.

Why Should You Call Grizzly for Service?

If you are looking for high-quality sewer repair service, look no further than Grizzly Mechanical. We are Calgary’s leading plumbing repair service, with a dedicated team of plumbers who will tackle any sewer problem no matter how major. We can ensure the most essential plumbing fixtures in your home like toilets and sinks are working better than ever. In addition to ensuring better performing plumbing fixtures, sewer repair from the team at Grizzly Mechanical can also reduce your energy bills by 10%. When you are already trying to keep warm this fall and winter, you won’t also have to worry about high costs on plumbing bills. Plus, we offer amazing insight into your sewer system so you avoid both making any future mistakes and know what to look out for when you suspect there is a problem.

10 Signs You Need Sewer Repair

So, just how can you detect sewer problems? You do not necessarily have to be a licensed plumber to figure it out. All you need to do is look for any of these 10 warning signs around your home:

  1. Wet Spots on Landscape: This is one of the most common signs of a sewer problem. Unexplained wet spots can be incredibly unsanitary to have hanging around your landscape, especially when you consider the water probably isn’t 100% clean. You need sewer repair immediately in this situation to protect the sanitation of your home.
  2. Bad Smells: If you are smelling a bad sewage smell, you need to call for sewer repair, as it indicates there is standing water located somewhere in the plumbing system. Not to mention, it won’t make the atmosphere in your home entirely comfortable.
  3. Noises: Your sewer system should be essentially noiseless when it’s working at its best. However, if you hear noises like gurgling or running water, it may mean a clog is on its way and that you should call Grizzly for sewer drain cleaning.
  4. High Costs on Water Bills: Not sure how to explain the higher costs of your latest water bills? Leaks in your sewer line may be to blame. If not treated early enough, you may lose up to thousands of gallons of water and those high costs will only get worse.
  5. Multiple Clogging Fixtures: Sewer clogs may appear in the form of multiple clogging fixtures in your home. This may seem like your plumbing system is on its way to total disaster, but all it takes is a plumber with the tools and resources to eliminate clogs in a hurry.
  6. Inconsistent Toilet Water Levels: Are you noticing toilet water levels fluctuating lately? This is even more concerning if the toilet does this repeatedly when it is not in use. A licensed plumber will be able to get to the root of the problem if you have concerns about your toilet water.
  7. Rodents: This warning sign may prove frightful for those who shriek at the sight of rodents. If you notice more tiny critters walking around your home, this could be due to sewer damage allowing them to nest in a dark, warm space in a pipe. It may also be due to sewer leaks, as rats are attracted to its odor.
  8. Cracked or Broken Pipes: Depending on the material, your sewer pipes may be outdated and begin to crumble. If you notice any significant cracking, you need to call for service immediately. Failure to do so may result in you having to pay more for plumbing service.
  9. Tree Roots: Tree root intrusion may be the reasons your sewer line is clogging if you have a lot of trees on your property. At Grizzly Mechanical, we can offer a sewer camera inspection to determine if tree roots really are the culprit behind your tree root problems.
  10. Old Age: Even if your current sewer line works, it may be more likely to experience problems once it reaches past a certain age. If your older sewer line is made of clay or cast iron, you need sewer replacement altogether before it falls apart.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed By The Thought Of Sewer Repairs – Schedule Your Service Today And Enjoy Your Fall Stress Free

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