6 Toilet Maintenance Tips

Toilet maintenance is key for a fully functioning toilet

Toilet maintenance may not be something on your mind but when you really put it into consideration, it may just be one of the most important things you can do for your home’s plumbing system. As a homeowner, chances are that you have already experienced the horror and displeasure of a clogged, overflowing toilet. Frequent toilet clogs and overflows can cause lasting damage to floor coverings, sub-floors, plumbing infrastructure and even the ceiling below, when the toilet is located in an upper-level bathroom. In addition, any moisture that remains after the clean-up can result in unhealthy mildew and mold growth long after the mess has been cleaned up. When you are already using toilets multiple times a day, a clog can disrupt how you function in your home on a daily basis. When you’re already putting so much focus on staying warm during the fall and winter, you certainly don’t want to be spending more time trying to repair plumbing fixtures around your home. So, yes, maintaining your toilet is important and it extends far beyond just keeping a plunger handy. With your home’s convenience and safety is on the line, it can mean all the difference in how happily you live in your home.

How Can Grizzly Mechanical Help You?

If you need help in ensuring your toilet continues to work at its best, allow Grizzly Mechanical to help you. We want to make sure you are able to live comfortably this season with reliable plumbing fixtures, and your toilet should be the most reliable fixture of them all. Our plumbers will be ready to help homes across Calgary with of all their toilet maintenance needs and problems. Some problems will make homeowners want to stay far away from their plumbing system, but we aren’t afraid to roll up the sleeves and get our hands dirty. Plus, even if your toilet is working fine, you should still call us for a home plumbing inspection. We can carefully inspect your plumbing system to identify any plumbing problems looming on the horizon. There may even be a serious problem with your toilet and you wouldn’t even know, but our inspection services can make sure it is solved immediately.

6 Important Toilet Maintenance Tips

If you want to know how you can maintain your toilet, please follow any of these 6 tips to prevent clogs:

  1. Teach Your Family: Educating your family, especially children, on what not to stuff down the toilet will let everyone know how to treat plumbing with a bit more care. Many clogged toilets are caused each year due to improper use. In most of these cases, family members, both children and adults, attempt to flush materials down the toilet that should not be introduced into any type of sewage disposal system, resulting in the need for a sewer repair service. These materials include common household items, such as: paper products, household waste products, or objects like children’s toys and medications.
  2. Provide Alternate Disposal: By providing an alternate disposal for any items listed above, you will be able to reduce the risk of toilet clogs considerably. Place a small trash can near each toilet in the home. Doing this is an economical, effective way of preventing future clogged toilet issues where something went down the toilet that definitely shouldn’t have even gone near it. Though you should change the trash periodically, it will save you tons of money on emergency plumbing services.
  3. Keep Surfaces Clear: Many clogged toilets also result from accidents where an object is knocked into the toilet accidentally, usually due to the object falling from an area near the toilet like a sink or counter. Nearby counters or over-the-toilet shelving can become cluttered with jars, bottles, sponges and cosmetics. When these objects fall off and drop into the toilet, a clog situation is the likely result. Keeping surfaces clear will lessen the chances of this happening.
  4. Flush Twice: There is a good chance a toilet with a large amount of waste or toilet in it will probably need more than one flush. You should always attempt a second flush to ensure it goes down entirely. However, if it constantly needs to be flushed more than once, the extra water usage will place burden on both your plumbing system and the family water bill. When this problem occurs homeowners may want to prevent excessive water bills and further damage to their plumbing by calling Grizzly Mechanical to diagnose the problem and make any necessary toilet repairs.
  5. Learn to Plunge Properly: Another cause of clogged toilets and the damage that results is ignoring or postponing obvious signs that the toilet is malfunctioning. Even when the toilet does empty by flushing it multiple times, flushing over and over is not healthy for the plumbing system and can cause more serious plumbing problems over time. It’s important that you know how to operate a plunger properly to avoid any small clogs from getting worse. 
  6. Know When to Call Grizzly: Plumbing problems that go unsolved are one of the most common reasons for water damage and mold issues in homes today. If you are homeowner with toilets that flush slowly, threaten to overflow or require the frequent use of a plunger, you need to call Grizzly for professional maintenance to avoid any increasing risks of backed-up, clogged and overflowing toilets. 

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